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 Production Projects 

Teddyboy Films & Entertainment is dedicated to producing high-quality entertainment that celebrates diversity and inclusion. Our productions bring authentic, diverse, and inclusive stories to life through original feature films, streaming series, documentaries, screenplays, and many more! Experience the excitement of our recent projects and get inspired.

Hidden Gem 

Face outline of person with word spell out Hidden Gem with splash colorful paint behind it


TBFE - #FreeRico Banner (1).png

JMO's Story 


Black. Table


ASL Poetry Experience Documentary

Coming Soon

Dip Hop
Tha Origins

word display logo "dipHop
Wawa is a black man perform a show with his red hat and colorful t-shirt with I love you in American sign language prints.

Voices Unheard:
The Founding of the National Black Deaf Advocates Documentary

Black and white images of 4 people founders with title said voice unheard

Reclaiming Detroit:Restoring Community & Cultivating Hope

Group of people gather to do film project with student


We’re excited to announce an exciting collaboration between TBFE & Entertainment and Honestly Speaking Presents Inc. to bring three amazing documentaries to life: Hidden Gems and Dip Hop. With a budget of $50,000 each, we need your help to raise $150,000 to support these ongoing productions. 


Every contribution made to support these films is tax-deductible through Honestly Speaking, Inc. Join us in bringing these projects to completion and making an impact in the world of entertainment! Donate today to make these documentaries a reality.

Honestly Speaking Presents is a 501(c)(3) charity organization which all donations are tax deductible to support TeddyBoy Films & Entertainment Film Productions.

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