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Voices Unheard

Unique Stories Revealed by Founders

"Voices Unheard: The Founding of the National Black Deaf Advocates" is a captivating historical documentary directed and produced by acclaimed filmmaker Teddy Dorsette III, known for his notable credits in films such as "Super Deafy," "Forbidden Fruits," and "Silent Life.

Empowering the Unheard"

With Dorsette's innovative vision and expertise, coupled with the extensive research and collective experience of Zelphanie "Zellie" Meadows, a longstanding member of NBDA and a renowned historian within the Black Deaf community, this groundbreaking documentary sheds light on the extraordinary journey of the NBDA. By presenting the narratives of its founders and participants, "Voices Unheard" explores the unique experiences of being both Black and Deaf in America. The film delves into pivotal moments, such as the 1980 Chuck William Fight at Deaf Pride, the pivotal meeting that gave birth to the NBDA, and the groundbreaking "Black Deaf Experience" conference.

Combining candid interviews, docudrama reenactments, and the integration of archival material, this documentary preserves and celebrates the rich heritage of the Black Deaf community. Through this poignant portrayal, it inspires future generations to embrace their voices and continue advocating for equality and empowerment.

A flyer of the documentary "Voice Unheard. Varies of black people standing in the background

Theodore "Teddy" Dorsette III

Director/Executive Producer


Ameena Dayo

Line Producer 


Zelphanie Zellie Meadow

Black Deaf Researcher

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Tsung Han Tsai "Henry"


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Honestly Speaking Presents

Nicole Morgan
Sponsor/Associate Producer 

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Def Lens Media
Andrea Vigil


Voice Unheard Trailer
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