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Rico Harris's Story Documentary

Injustice in Silence: The Story of a Black Deaf Man Wrongfully Convicted

We invite you to be a vital part of bringing RICO Harris's powerful story to light by supporting our documentary project. For 11 years, RICO's family has been on a relentless journey to prove his innocence, facing insurmountable odds at every turn. Now, as RICO prepares for his "last chance" at redemption, freedom, and justice in his upcoming trial this April, we aim to document this pivotal moment.

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#FreeDeafRico Project

 #FreeDeafRico is a raw and unvarnished documentary that tells the story of Rico, an African American Deaf man who has been wrongfully incarcerated in Georgia since 2013. Despite evidence of his innocence, Rico's case has been mishandled, and he has been denied justice for over a decade. Through extensive interviews in his native language, the documentary captures Rico's perspective and realities, shedding light on the intersection of incarceration, disability, and race. The film aims to educate the public about the challenges faced by people with disabilities, particularly those who are Black, within the criminal justice system

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Theodore "Teddy" Dorsette III

Director/Executive Producer

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Nicole Morgan

Associate Producer - Honestly Speaking


Black Deaf man Ricardo Harris says he was wrongfully convicted

Black Deaf man Ricardo Harris says he was wrongfully convicted

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Join us in building solidarity and supporting BIPOC Deaf artists worldwide. Your donation will fuel the production of a feature docu-series film, sharing stories like Rico's, that bring justice, healing, and freedom to our community. Help us amplify these voices and inspire positive change. Together, we can make a difference.

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