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Hidden Gem (Docu-series)

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Teddyboy Films & Entertainment invites all to watch the upcoming "Hidden Gem" docuseries unveiling raw and authentic stories of BIPOC Deaf Talent all over there world.

Our pilot series we invite you and be a part of Mervin Primeaux O'Bryant's, and many others to follow, journeys of hope, love, and the power of taking back your spirit through Storytelling

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"Reprann Pouvwa Mwen"
Take Back My Power


Mervin Primeaux O'Bryant, the man whose life is as rich as the creole and cajun steeped streets of Lafayette, LA where he grew up, is finally sharing his story. Throughout a series of candid interviews with Mervin, his family, close friends, and colleagues,  the world will now have its first unfettered glimpse into the life of Mervin - the hidden gem of the South. 


Opening up about childhood trauma, the challenges of growing up as a Deaf child in the Jim Crow south, love, loss of his HIV status, and more, Mervin is choosing to leave no stone unturned. Having traveled the world over as a dancer, actor, and signing performer, Mervin's life is full of experiences that he hopes to serve as an inspiration to anyone who hears of them. With a message to all that "We are in control of our own destiny," you are invited to watch the unveiling of this hidden gem. This is his moment to shoot across the sky - you're invited to come and be a part!

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Theodore "Teddy" Dorsette III

Director/Executive Producer

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Adrean Mangiardi


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Mervin Primeaux-OBryant

Executive Producer


Sean Jackson



Sandra Mae Frank

Line Producer 

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Nicole Morgan

Associate Producer


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We’re excited to announce an exciting collaboration between TBFE & Entertainment and Honestly Speaking Presents Inc. to bring three amazing documentaries to life: Hidden Gems and Dip Hop. With a budget of $50,000 each, we need your help to raise $150,000 to support these ongoing productions. 


Every contribution made to support these films is tax-deductible through Honestly Speaking, Inc. Join us in bringing these projects to completion and making an impact in the world of entertainment! Donate today to make these documentaries a reality.

Honestly Speaking Presents is a 501(c)(3) charity organization which all donations are tax deductible to support TeddyBoy Films & Entertainment Film Productions.

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