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JMO's Story Documentary

Break the Silence:

A Deaf Mother's Perspective on

Our Broken Foster Care System

Come alongside us on a journey to reveal the broken foster care system in America by supporting the making of a movie filled with inspiration and hope. "Jennifer's Story" is a powerful documentary film that follows Jennifer's courageous journey. From being a headstrong deaf child who was abandoned and neglected in multiple foster homes, even exploited for profit, she transformed into a determined mother of four and aspiring Hair Stylist, Actress, Dancer, and Exotic Dancer. Her narrative will leave you stunned and inspired, compelling you to help raise awareness and demand social changes that can improve the lives of millions of children in the foster system.

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Her Journey, Her Struggles, Her Life

Jennifer Matos has a profound heart for all children, especially those with multiple disabilities. Like her, many children in healthcare suffered the atrocity of the system; she was forcibly taken to foster homes and institutions, which forever changed her life. Her Mother who is also Deaf with mental health challenges, experienced similar assaults, and in return abused her deaf children, and attempted to kill Jennifer. The mother gave her up at age seven, realizing her error, and asked for her kids back. She fought for Jennifer and her Deaf Autistic brother. Jennifer was locked in the foster system from the age of seven until she was released when she was eighteen. Jennifer's mother took a parenting class and passed the class, remediated with medicines and therapy. The system still refused her pleas to return the children. Thus,  Jennifer's fight to survive in the numerous habitats caused her harm, so she would run away often, and as a result she lived on the street, homeless, without support or care.

Jennifer endured horrific abuses and rapes from juvenile teenagers and adults working in the system that would shock you. Jennifer scraped for the things she needed as a survivor and as a single mom. Her journey taught her to be strong and independent, and she vowed that her kids would never go through this. Jennifer wants to expose the toxicity of the foster system, however, she cannot do it alone and is asking that you help fight the good fight.

She wants to share her experiences about the brutality and systematic cruelty of separating or breaking up families and how they severely impacted children like her. She wants to tell the world that it needs to be fixed. Her heart breaks over defenseless children while the government continues to ignore the serious ramifications of separating children from their families. Her goal is to produce a short film exposing how separating children from their parents can be more harmful than helpful, and providing a call for action to address this issue. 


It's an incredibly, important, courageous act for someone to be so outspoken about the brutality they experienced, one can only be motivated to advocate for children who experienced similar traumas in the system. Creating a short film is a powerful way to share her message with a wider audience and inspire change. 

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Jennifer Matos

Executive Producer


Kerry Cooler

Executive Producer


Theodore "Teddy" Dorsette III

Director/Executive Producer

Stories That Need to Be Told...



Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of BIPOC Deaf artists worldwide. By supporting our productions, you help us create impactful films that bring justice, healing, and freedom to these artists.

Your donation will directly fund the development and production of a feature docu-series film, including Jennifer's story, which we plan to submit to film festivals to raise awareness and inspire positive change.

Together, we can make a difference for children in need and advocate for a better future.

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