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ASL Poetry Expereince

ASL Poetry 15 Years Ago… 

"ASL Poetry'' is a documentary that chronicles the journey of Leyland Lyken, also known as DJ SupaLee, a deaf poet and hip hop DJ from Brooklyn, NY. Leyland hosted SUPAFEST in 2010 at Gallaudet University, a groundbreaking event for deaf entertainment featuring poetry, DJ performances, and more. This event inspired Leyland to continue hosting American Sign Language (ASL) poetry events at Busboys and Poets in which have become a cornerstone of the Maryland/DC deaf community for the past 15 years. The documentary showcases the talents that have emerged through ASL poetry over the years, culminating in a celebration of raw talent at the 15-year ASL poetry festival in Hyattsville MD in May 2024. This festival serves as a testament to the resilience and creativity of the Deaf community's arts scene, welcoming participants and ASL students from around the world to learn about Deaf culture and practice sign language.

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ASL Poetry Experience:
The Inspiration to all communities.

The documentary not only highlights Leyland's remarkable journey and the impact of ASL poetry on the Deaf community but also features the voices of influential figures, including Michelle Banks, who have contributed to the movement. Through interviews and performances, viewers will experience the rich tapestry of talent and creativity that has emerged from these ASL poetry events.


The story culminates in the 15-year anniversary ASL poetry festival in Hyattsville, MD, in May 2024. This festival is a testament to the resilience and creativity within the Deaf arts community, celebrating a legacy of inclusion, empowerment, and artistic expression. "ASL Poetry" invites audiences to witness and celebrate the vibrant, enduring spirit of the Deaf community through the lens of Leyland Lyken's extraordinary vision and dedication, inspired by the foundational work of Michelle Banks.


Theodore "Teddy" Dorsette III

Director/Executive Producer

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Leyland Lyken 


ASL Poetry Photos in 15 years

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