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Teddy stand behind the camera that is connected to tripod and bright light shine out of the camera.

Our Story

Founded by and led by CEO  Theodore "TeddyBoy" Dorsette III. TeddyBoy Films & Entertainment is a media production company devoted to developing inclusive, 100% accessible diversity-rich content to entertain audiences of all ages. TeddyBoy Films & Entertainment aims to provide real-life personal and successful entertainment industry endeavors that deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf blind, and disabled artists have endured and overcomed. That includes our contribution to amalgamation of storytelling and various type of content creation highlighting aspirations and goals that each humans have accomplished. Together, we are one! 


The shared-space production company distributes a wide array of diverse impactful content through narratives. Our productions delivery comes with authentic, diverse, and inclusive stories that bring us to life through original feature films, innumerable of documentary series, screenplays, and many more! TeddyBoy Films & Entertainment is a one-stop shop for your needs in a spectrum of creative arts!

Giving others REAL opportunities to achieve their dreams and showcase their talents in music, film, and entertainment. We support the Deaf Culture and aim to share stories and experiences with the world through these mediums. 

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Meet The Team

Teddy's Headshot - black male with saggy hat and smile (color in black and white)

Teddy Dorsette III
CEO/Creative Producer

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Andrea Headshot - long curly hair with tattoo on right size of arm with white top and wear glasses and she smile. (color is in black and white)

Andrea Vigil
Creative Director

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Ameena Headshots - Black lady with short locs hair with white blazer and smiling. (color in black and white)

Ameena Dayo
Line Producer

Let’s Collectively Create Stories!

"We bring each story, idea, and vision to life by collaborating with deaf content creators, disabled artists, and filmmakers. Together, we are one." - Theodore Dorsette III

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Tel: 313-296-1525

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